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‘So irresponsible’ – Halima Abubakar Blasts Shade Lapido For Saying There’s No Shame In How Many Men A Woman Has Slept With

Nollywood star Halima Abubakar has lashed out at media personality Shade Ladipo over a statement she made on social media. The media girl had called on women to stop being embarrassed over the number of sexual partners they have had.

She shared that men sex-shaming women are old and added that ladies should hold their heads high as they only had sex and didn’t kill anyone. The statement sparked a lot of reactions on social media and actress Halima has lashed out at Shade over it. Halima Abubakar described Shade’s statement as irresponsible supporting fans who also condemned the TV personality.
The fans had mixed reactions towards as statement as some believed it something to be ashamed of. They opined that it is wrong to sleep with too many people as you put yourself at risk spiritually and health-wise.
Halima Abubakar

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