Student bags 27 years in jail for killing fellow Nigerian over a girl

A Cyprus court has sentenced three people linked to the murder of a Nigerian student, Walshak Augustine Ngok.

The murder incident happened in Northern Cyprus in 2019 on Monday May 10, 202, after the judgement, the main culprit, Chrstopher Ezeh, was sentenced to 27 years for killing his roomate.

Nana Nkansah, a Ghanaian and Wayne Moyo, a Zimbabwean who was an accompanist in the murder case, got three years each.

Nkansah and Wayne, helped Ezeh transport the body of his roomate in a forest area in Haspolat – Tashkent highway on Friday, April 19.

In his confession, Christopher Ezeh admitted that he killed his roomate Augustine after a row, and took his body to a forest area.

According to reports, the deceased and the culprit with some of their friends, took alcohol in a restaurant in Girne. They started having issues over a girl which led to a heated argument. After they were separated by some friends, the roommates continued their quarrel when they got home.

Christopher reportedly beat Walshak Augustine helplessly and dragged him down the stairs of their apartment where he continued to beat his roomate.

Instead of taking his roomate to the hospital, Ezeh dumped August at the entrance of Haspolat- Taskent forest area after discovering that he was no longer breathing.


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