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Henry Winkler Is Catching Some Heat Over His New Fishing Photo

Henry Winkler is an absolute icon for his work as Fonzie in Happy Days alone. However, he’s endeared himself to younger generations through his Twitter activity. Now that he isn’t cutting up with Ron Howard on the classic ABC sitcom, he fills most of his days with leisurely activities such as fishing. He’s a lover of nature, often showing off his fishing exploits on Twitter. However, his latest photo garnered more negative attention than he might have hoped.

The 75-year-old actor, whose net worth is a reported $40 million, tweeted a photo of a recent catch with the caption, “I can’t even express the beauty everywhere on our planet.” Fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers absolutely loved the shot and the sentiment. However, some vocal haters took aim at the star, who plays Barry Zuckerkorn on Arrested Development and Gene Cousineau on HBO’s Barry. They said showing off the trophy — even if he planned to release it — flew in the face of his caption. Obviously, not everyone agreed. Scroll through to see some of the takes on both sides of the issue.


“I hope you put that beautiful fish back in the beautiful water to continue to live a beautiful peaceful life,” one critical Twitter user wrote. “Death to any animal is not beautiful.” A second person wrote, “Take a photo. Don’t rip an animal out of its natural environment with a hook through its face so you can feel something. Honestly, fishing is weird man.”

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“I would agree, but showing off a poor dead fish sure doesn’t jive with the message,” a third user wrote. “Betcha the fish wished you went anywhere but there for your beauty in nature fix.” 

“Somehow a picture of you holding a dead animal you did not have to kill, doesn’t match your sentiments,” a fourth person tweeted. Another added, “Henry, i know what you mean, but it came out wrong …good hunters know not to celebrate…even catch and release. Do it, as sustenance and as practice, but don’t celebrate. There’s a difference.”

“NO one is happier catching a fish than Henry Winkler!” a supporter wrote. “I mean, I get happy, but the Fonze’s happiness makes me extra happy!”

“great catch sir! getting some smaller trout here in Pennsylvania but beautiful nonetheless,” a fellow fisherman tweeted. Yet another wrote, “Nice to see you enjoying the simple things in life… catching one heck of a rainbow trout!! Any fisherman with that fish on the end of their line would be smiling big just like you!! Get the frying pan ready…’ll be eating good tonight!”

Some even took aim at Winkler’s critics, such as this Twitter user who wrote, “Wow. Nobody allowed to catch a fish and eat it anymore? I’m all for catch and release too, but some of you all are crazy!”

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