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“A woman that has money without a man by her side as husband is worth nothing”

Actress Uche Ebere has taken a huge swipe at Toke Makinwa, as she described the media personality as having no worth.

We are not aware of a scuffle between the pair, but Uche Ebere slammed Toke Makinwa, after the later had written on social media that she craves love. The media personality had written;

“Love is hungrying me ooo.”

For whatever reason, the post didn’t go down well, who instantly replied to a post about Toke’s tweet by shading women who say they don’t need a man only to later start looking for love when they are older.

She wrote:

“I doon’t need a man, I can be without a man, what a man can do woman can do better, husband is not an achievement, blablablablabla, Osetigo deceiving young girls, but when they reach to a certain age they will now realize that a man is very important in a woman’s life just like a woman is important to a man’s life.

“See, money is not enough, a woman that has money without a man by her side as a husband worth nothing to important mattered, the earlier our young girls know this, the better for them.”

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