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Skai Jackson Sextape With Solange’s Son, Julez Smith Hit Social Media (18+ Video)

Skai Jackson is trending everywhere after Beyonce and Jay Z’s nephew Julez Smith allegedly leaked video of him and Skai doing intimate act. Skai is 18 and Julez is 16. Skai recently disabled comments on her Instagram.

Erm, so Disney Princess Skai Jackson, 18, and Solange’s son Jules Smith, 16, dated and now there’s supposedly a sex tape of the two.

The Disney star, who is presently 18-years-old, was rumored to be in a relationship with the 16-year old Smith, who happens to be Beyonce’s nephew.

Below is supposedly a group chat with his boys where Jules talked about sleeping with Skai and claiming she cheated.

People are claiming Jules released the sex tape to humiliate Skai for cheating on him but nobody knows for sure how the tape came to the public. Jules and Skai are trending on US Twitter and there’s supposedly a video of the sex tape on Twitter…

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