Revised Level 3 rules: Yes, roadrunners can still do their thing

Under the initial hard lockdown in 2020, many runners were climbing the walls with frustration due to the restrictions, which at first led many die-hard runners to cover marathon distances in their gardens, their driveways or on their balconies while trying their best not to be noticed by the authorities or beady-eyed neighbours.

When exercise was permitted again, during the 06:00 to 09:00 window period, many runners rejoiced and got their Comrades and Two Oceans Marathon training programmes back on track. Sadly, the celebrated annual events were both cancelled in the months that followed, due to risks of infection among race participants.


Fortunately, the newly implemented lockdown Level 3 restrictions do not prevent runners from doing what they love. For most runners, running is like a drug. Many runners feel grumpy or off-kilter if they are unable to get out and get their fix.

With some minor adjustments, most runners will be happy to know they can continue training under the current lockdown restrictions. There are no club events or road races that runners can participate in right now since events and races are not permitted at this time.


Roadrunners are obliged to comply with the following measures under the revised lockdown Level 3 restrictions:

  • Masks must be worn when in public spaces or in the presence of others;
  • Masks may be removed when doing vigorous exercise (running);
  • A distance of two metres must be maintained between runners when running with others;
  • Running is not allowed in public parks and on beaches (in COVID-19 hotspots);
  • Stadiums, public sports facilities and sports fields may not be used for training at this time; and
  • Runners must comply with the national curfew, ie no running before 06:00 or after 21:00.
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Should Level 4 be reintroduced, exercising may once more be limited to three hours a day, from 06:00 to 09:00.

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