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Couple Caught Having Sex In Hotel Window In Full View of Religious Festival Goers (Video)

A religious group attending a sacred Chinese festival in Taiwan were distracted by the image of a raunchy couple having sex near a large hotel window in view of the public.

The frisky duo was spotted having sex on the 10th floor of a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, on Sunday night, December 6.

Unfortunately for them, the streets below were packed with people celebrating the 165th anniversary of Qingshan Palace.

In the video, a huge crowd can be seen filming the scenes in front of them. The camera then turns to show the couple, whose silhouettes clearly show them in an uncompromising position.

While some people in the crowd cheered at the couple, others were horrified. 

One local said: “This is too much. It does not respect the Gods at all. They’ve turned the place into an erotic palace.”

Police reportedly received several complaints from the public about “live erotica” inside the luxury hotel situated on Meng Jia avenue. 

Officers said the act was “harmful to men and woman” and are now investigating the pair’s identity.

The officers also threatened to arrest passersby for filming the sex act. They blasted those who filmed the scene and said it could “violate the spreading of obscenity laws.” Watch the video here. Photo Credit: Getty

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